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My name is Vamsi and I like skittles.



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Oh, we were dating?


4 August 11

i swear it wasn't planned...

  • Vamsi: some guy just came in here and sold me a dry cleaning card...i'm a sucker
  • John: what's a dry cleaning card?
  • Vamsi: some coupon card for a bunch of free dry cleaning...$5 off and 50% off type stuff, no minimums.
  • Vamsi: the card cost $25 and he gave me an extra coupon that was $20 off your next order...unless this place charges $12 a shirt, it should be a good value
  • Vamsi: he tried to tell me how best to use them but he was wrong
  • Vamsi: if i use it properly i could...
  • Vamsi: take them to the cleaners
  • John: ok, we need to have a talk about our friendship
  • Vamsi: ....
  • John: because that was brilliant!
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from an e-mail

  • me: hey, you guys in for brazil? 8th-13th, can probably add days if needed.
  • omar: yep, let me know when you book.
  • rohan: god dammit, I'm in hawaii till the 10th.
  • omar: we lead such difficult lives.
2 August 11

possibly the first reason for me to switch to chrome of ff

1 August 11
  • Omar: god that would be awful
  • Omar: if i was dating two girls with the same name
  • Vamsi: if you brought them both to the game
  • Vamsi: and had to sit in different sections
  • Omar: hahahahahhahahaha
  • Vamsi: and change clothes in between quarters
  • Omar: that's a movie scene
  • Vamsi: to go meet with them
  • Omar: ...
  • Omar: why would i change clothes?
  • Omar: that part makes no sense
  • Vamsi: because one of them thinks you're a british nanny
  • Vamsi: duh.
25 July 11


so yesterday after brunch, my friends lauren and lindsey and i went to the promenade to walk around.  this guy there was doing free “scientific handwriting analysis”.  he had us write a statement, then would basically feel the paper and tell us about ourselves.  very scientific, aristotle would be proud.  it was basically throwing darts at the wall, here were some gems about me:

-“You are very neat and organized…rare in a guy, ladies!” (possibly slightly true these days?)
-“You are terrible at golf” (he told me this TWICE)
-“You prefer noodles to rice”
-“You are good at math” (way to look at my skin)
-“You are a butt guy”

this man has a window into my soul.

21 July 11
want to do this (eat burgers i mean)

want to do this (eat burgers i mean)

8 July 11
3 July 11
on it.

on it.

27 June 11
sorry guys, it’s webcomic day i guess

sorry guys, it’s webcomic day i guess

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